Company Description

Our Business

Founded in 2014 and based in Nashville, Tennessee, MedEquities Realty Trust is a self-managed and self-administered real estate investment trust that invests in a diversified mix of healthcare properties and healthcare-related real estate debt investments.  Our portfolio is currently comprised of 24 healthcare facilities that contain a total of 2,345 licensed beds and are located in Texas, California, Nevada and South Carolina. The portfolio includes 17 skilled nursing facilities, two acute care hospitals, two long-term acute care hospitals, one assisted living facility, one inpatient rehabilitation facility and one medical office building. In addition, we have one healthcare-related debt investment.

Our Strategy

Our strategy is to become an integral capital partner with high-quality, facility based, growth-minded providers of healthcare services, primarily through net leased real estate investments, and to continue to diversify over time based on our facility types, tenants and geographic locations. We invest primarily in real estate across the acute and post-acute spectrum of care, where our management team has extensive experience and relationships and which we believe differentiates us from other healthcare real estate investors. We believe acute and post-acute healthcare facilities have the potential to provide higher risk-adjusted returns compared to other forms of net-leased real estate assets due to the specialized expertise and insight necessary to own, finance and operate these properties, which are factors that tend to limit competition among owners, operators and finance companies.

We target healthcare providers or operators that provide higher acuity services, are experienced, growth-minded and that we believe have shown an ability to successfully navigate a changing healthcare landscape. We believe that by investing in facilities that span the acute and post-acute spectrum of care, we will be able to adapt to, and capitalize on, changes in the healthcare industry and support, grow and develop long-term relationships with providers that serve the highest number of patients at the highest-yielding end of the healthcare real estate market.

We expect to invest primarily in the following types of healthcare properties: acute care hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, short-stay surgical and specialty hospitals (such as those focusing on orthopedic, heart, and other dedicated surgeries and specialty procedures), dedicated specialty hospitals (such as inpatient rehabilitation facilities, long-term acute care hospitals and facilities providing psychiatric care), large and prominent physician clinics, diagnostic facilities, outpatient surgery centers and facilities that support these services, such as medical office buildings. Over the long term, we expect our portfolio to be balanced equally between acute and post-acute facilities, although the balance may fluctuate from time to time due to the impact of individual transactions.